At Rancho Pillow, we believe that everything belongs. Over the years, guests have wanted the feel of their event to be as unique as the property. We offer styling and design services that could only come from this place of perfect imperfection. We know that many of you know what you want, and we can help you make that happen. And for those of you who need some ideas and suggestions, we have no shortage of those. To talk about how we can share in the process, send us a note. 


While our thrifted inventory is always changing, Rancho Pillow has a curated collection of found objects and one-of-a-kind pieces available to rent for your celebration. It's all on property and ready to use. Our "everything belongs" mantra is our guiding light when it comes to our truly unique assortment of rare finds for rent:

  • Assorted Brazilian rawhide, metal bistro and colorful Mexican vintage chairs
  • Handpicked, mismatched china in assorted patterns
  • A rainbow selection of colored vintage glassware
  • Antique flatware
  • Vintage champagne coupes
  • Wine tumblers
  • Farmhouse tables in various woods, colors and lengths
  • Bolivian blankets and old afghans to cuddle around the fire
  • Moroccan milk bottles, glasses + vessels
  • Yes, even the 1950 turquoise Studebaker pick-up can be rented

We have a collection of prized tents that we use to create a myriad of vibey delights: imagine a Bedouin-style lounge for your guests under a camel and goat hair tent, a dimly-lit dinner for two under a red and gold velvet Moroccan structure, or a romantic overnight cuddled up in an Indian cottage with orange silk-embroidered walls spent under the starry sky. 

If you have a bigger event and can't bear to send anyone home,we'll fill the pasture with luxury canvas bell tents and whimsically country-styled mattresses so more of your guests can stay on property. Whether you need two or 52, we can make each one magical.