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Jessica Agneessens and Sheila Youngblood have collaborated to bring you a very special experience. For those of you longing for a symposium, an old school blue-stocking salon, a moment of peace and understanding -- The Academy at Rancho Pillow is for you.
Jessica, founder of the Academy for Conscious Leadership at Whole Foods Market, and Sheila, creator of Rancho Pillow, have come together to create a multi-day, workshop immersion where we can find common ground, celebrate our differences and reveal new possibilities that will nurture us in these challenging times.

A combination of exercises for the heart and the head, our workshops will be spent in conscious study, thoughtful conversation, quiet retreat, deep listening and active connection in an inspired world of love and color. We’ll eat, laugh, share, discover and encourage one other, and walk away with a heightened awareness of our operating system—the one that’s choosing our reactions, responses, judgements and emotions. The one that is most likely holding us back.

We just completed the first of many retreats, and we’re feeling wholly renewed, amazed at the open hearts of the folks who flew in from everywhere to join us. We’re hopeful and inspired, knowing that this is the work that changes lives.

Our next Academy workshop is coming in the fall. To find out more details, just email us. 

Come spend some time in one of these experiences at Rancho, and leave transformed.