Feast in the Field: March 31st


Feast in the Field: March 31st


Dinner Ticket
Friday, March 31st
5:00pm - 10:00pm

Rancho Paella Night
featuring chef Saúl Arteta of Mi Paella, Austin, Texas

Includes one dinner ticket.  Wine and beer available for purchase.

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Chef Saúl Arteta's culinary passion stems from a creative life both inside and outside of the kitchen.  This curiosity within the creative world led him to different corners of the world..pockets of gems that taught him not just flavor, but elegance, and awe within the dining experience.  Arteta, also a local Austin musician and producer, has cooked not only in his native Valencia, Spain, but in Thailand, Brussels, France and now Austin, TX.  He has worked with Thai Fresh, Malaga, and Barlata.  

While working in the fast paced world of restaurants was challenging, Saúl saught to construct an evening of dining that was a bit different.  He wanted to bring the restaurant to the people, and bring his specialty Paellas to be part of an experience.  He cooks the larger than life paellas right there in front of you to open the floor to conversation, awe, smells, and a true sharing of beautiful local flavors of his new home, Texas.  
Arteta purchases all of his produce (seasonally) from local farmers and growers to insure the highest and freshest quality.  We are proud to have collaborated with amazing platforms such as Sustainable Food Center to highlight the importance of supporting local and organic farming.  His Paella shows the classic delicacy of Spain with a little touch of Texas- and it is his great joy to share this passion with others.