This fall, we’re unveiling our first ever Rancho Bazaar: a magical, global marketplace that celebrates the time-honored artistic process behind indigenous handmade items. This Bazaar beautifully reflects the spirit and ethos of Rancho Pillow, home to Sheila’s collection of soulful treasures from around the world. Think of it as a global village, right here in Round Top.

We’ve partnered with Saint Elise, a new Santa Fe brand—and true kindred spirit—to showcase artists and makers from around the world, celebrating the craft, culture, and traditions behind their one-of-a-kind creations. Art, furniture, jewelry, fashion and textiles from India, Tunisia, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Thailand, Colombia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Morocco. The world comes to Rancho for three days: September 29, 30 and October 1.

Not only a global marketplace, but a pasture of food stalls to enjoy as you shop and play at Rancho. Join us for oysters and caviar, fried chicken and champagne, and other food and treats from around the world, all included in your ticket price and shared around smaller tables scattered around our field. Our land becomes a bustling hub of thought, art, music and food on some of the most special days in Round Top, and as our guests, you’ll be alive in the very heartbeat of Rancho, soaking up the beauty of this craft, these cultures and their traditions. You won’t want to miss these special days and nights. It’s Rancho like you’ve never seen it.

So come gather with us as we shop, celebrate, connect and inspire one another. Tickets will be live the first week of September.

BAZAAR HOURS: Monday and Tuesday from noon to 9:00, and we’re offering two tiers of tickets.

DAY ACCESS TO BAZAAR: Entry at the gate from noon until 5:00 and access to shopping is $25. Drinks and snacks available for purchase.

BAZAAR + FOOD FESTIVAL: Cue the magic. As the Bazaar continues into the night, the music begins and our global village of food stalls opens at 5:00. These tickets are $100 per person, (complimentary cocktails, and wine + beer available for purchase). Come join us for an explosion of color and craft, an authentic expression of heart and wonder, and an around-the-world sensory experience to remember — all in the hills of Round Top, Texas in the wonderland that is Rancho Pillow.

*Sneak peek for limited guests on Sunday, September 29.





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